Mattress Forum Moderator Job Description

The Mattress Underground (TMU) is currently looking for Forum Moderators. This is a part time position of 20 hours/week. Hours may increase and become a full-time position once training has finalized, complete a 90-day probation and if you wish to grow in the job.

As a member of our team, we will treat you like family and you will see the rewards of your hard work and devotion. Training will be required in the beginning but generally you will be working on your own (online) or alongside the other experienced active forum moderators as a support group.

Job Tasks

  • Become familiar with the 30-40 Business Members of the site and well versed with the 12 Mattress Experts that have dedicated forums within the General Forum
  • Read through new posts/threads and decide if they need reply either from the Mattress Experts, the active moderators of the site or if it is a Consumer to Consumer (C2C) interaction that may or may not need any moderation
  • Spot any spamming activity and ban the spammer from the forum and their IP address from accessing the forum according to TMU Forum Rules.
  • Assign new posts or new threads to other active moderators and to yourself.
  • Send a complete Forum Triage board to all active moderators with assignment and appropriate notes.
  • Perform Content research as needed as postings and add it to the TMU database
  • Perform Product and Company research as needed for postings and add it to TMU database
  • Respond to the new posts assigned to you and any follow ups on any subscriber replies to your assigned threads.
  • Maintain organizational logs for the TMU database.
  • Social Media interaction two times a week (if time permits)


  • Strong Organizational skills
  • Demonstrated writing and communication skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Ability to do online research on mattress related issues and summarize it.
  • Any mattress related sales or mattress manufacturing experience would be a plus
  • Experience in the use of Word, Excel, OneNote and other office suites.
  • Online Chat experience (optional, but a plus)
  • Any other technical skill would be a plus eg, Basic HTML, CSS, video and image editing etc

If you are interested in joining the TMU team then please fill the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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