Steps to Discovering and Buying your Perfect Mattress

By now you will hopefully have read the overviews which talk about the different types of mattress cores, the different types of comfort layers, how the different layers and ways of combining them can affect your choices, and finally how your own unique needs and preferences play a very important role in your overall comfort and satisfaction. You will likely be developing some preferences of your own and are probably anxious to begin testing this new knowledge in real life. That means it is time to begin the last leg of the journey towards your perfect mattress which is the actual field testing of mattresses.

Being an informed consumer.

If you have read the overviews and perhaps some of the more detailed pages as well, you will quickly discover that you already know much more than the vast majority of salespeople you will encounter. You will also quickly discover that when you begin to ask questions based on what you now know, that you will get some very "strange" reactions as many of them will realize that they are about to lose a sale and have been trained to apply certain "techniques" before you walk out of their store. Now that you are no longer dependent on the information they will give you and have a way to find out the truth behind it ... this part of your journey can even be somewhat fun and certainly far less intimidating and confusing.

Now you have the basic information you will need, there are 5 simple steps to discovering and then buying your perfect mattress. We have separated them into separate steps because what most people will quickly find is that if they don't test each element separately, the different and sometimes conflicting information and terminology for each step can become confusing very quickly in a haze of information overload, false information coming at you faster than a machine gun, and the difficulty of remembering exactly what that mattress 2 stores ago really felt like. An example of this is using "firm" to describe a mattress. You may want a firm support layer with a very soft comfort layer and yet as soon as many salespeople hear the word firm you will not even be shown any mattresses with softer comfort layers. There are many other examples of how a single word (such as "supportive") has many meanings depending on which part of a mattress you are talking about and the knowledge of the person you are dealing with.

The quick version of these 5 steps is included here.

More details or specifics are included in a separate page for each in this section for those who need it.

If you'd like more details about any of these steps, then the separate pages for each are there to help you ... and as you know, our forum is always open.

We hope that when you have found and purchased your mattress, you will also share your experiences with us and others in the forum and help them find their version of their perfect mattress.


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