Information About Mattress Support Layers

The mattress support layers, also known as its core, includes all the layers below the quilting and comfort layers of a mattress. They are primarily responsible for spinal alignment which as you know is one of the two main functions of every mattress. They do this by controlling how deeply different parts of your body into a mattress while you sleep. In some mattress constructions, particularly those with thinner comfort layers, they have secondary functions of helping the comfort layers to form a pressure relieving cradle and helping to hold up the more recessed parts of your body profile such as the lumbar.

There are five basic types of . These are Innerspring, Latex, Polyurethane, Airbeds, and Waterbeds. They may be made up of a single layer of material or several layers made of different materials. It is important not to confuse what is needed for pressure relief with what is needed for spinal alignment as these two functions are interconnected but separate. Pressure relief is connected to the "softness" of the comfort layers and spinal alignment is connected to the "firmness" of the support layers and making one firmer or softer in the hopes of improving the other will rarely be successful.

A brief overview of mattress support cores.

A brief description of each type of mattress core or support system follows with more detailed descriptions in the separate pages of this section.

A final note about mattress support cores.

While they are commonly thought of as separate "categories" of mattress, memory foam and to a lesser degree natural fibers, are not suitable or found in the support core of a mattress and more information on these and other more "comfort layer specific" materials can be found in the comfort layers section of our website.

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