The Most Common Types of Mattresses You Will Encounter in the Industry

There are many thousands of different mattresses that are sold in the industry that use a wide range of different components and materials in their design which means that it can be confusing or even overwhelming to try to figure out what two different mattresses have in common but in very general terms they can be categorized into a much smaller number of categories based on the primary materials and components that are used in the support core and the comfort layers of the design. While each category can also include hundreds or sometimes thousands of individual models with a very wide range of thicknesses, layering combinations, and firmness levels ... knowing the most common categories of mattresses can sometimes be helpful if your testing indicates a "pattern" that you tend to prefer some types of mattresses over others or in making more "apples to apples" comparisons between mattresses. The "definition" of a category is generally based on the type of support system and the type of comfort layers that are used inside a mattress.

A note about durable mattress materials. 

I would also keep in mind that the choice between different types of materials and different types of mattresses is primarily a preference or a budget choice rather than a "better/worse" choice and different people will prefer some types of materials or mattresses over others. Each type of material will tend to have lower quality and less durable versions and higher quality and more durable versions so no matter which types of materials or mattresses you tend to prefer I would always make sure you know the specifics of all the layers and components inside any mattress you are considering (particularly in the upper layers of the mattress) so that you can confirm that there are no lower quality and less durable versions of any particular material in a mattress that could be a "weak link" in terms of its durability and useful life and how quickly you may need to replace it (see this article).

These are the dozen or so most common types of mattresses that you will find in the industry.



While each of these categories has a very wide range of different models and designs and can be anywhere from very soft to very firm ... knowing the different mattress categories may help you to identify any general patterns in the types of mattresses and materials that your testing indicates you tend to prefer and help you narrow down your choices a little more easily.


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