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Consumers are of course the final piece of the puzzle and an important part of "The Mattress Underground". They are different from the other two parts however in that they are buying a mattress rather than selling it and that they can become a member by simply making a post in our forum. Consumers are the "target" of the sales practices that surround the purchase of a mattress with deceptive tactics, poor quality information, and "great sounding" stories. Unfortunately, the lack of good information about the different materials used and the differences in construction too often leads to the purchase of an inappropriate mattress or one that only lasts a few months or a very few years and which is sold at an inflated price. Brand recognition and the stories attached to it have in most cases become the dominant part of a mattress purchase rather than consumer knowledge.

Frequent comments made to customers during the mattress shopping process.

We have often seen comments during mattress shopping similar to those that follow and if you haven't come across them in your mattress search, you soon will. They include ...

"We are selling sleep" in the hopes that this will translate to buying what is "comfortable" in a store without regard to durability or long term suitability.

"This layer (usually buried deep inside your mattress) makes it so much more (fill in the blank such as "breathable" or "durable" or "comfortable").

"This half-price sale ends tomorrow and because we have only "two more left", or "one more floor model" I can get you an even better price".

"This mattress has a 25-year guarantee and you are fully protected if anything goes wrong"

"Buy this now while we still have it and if you don't like it after a month we will gladly exchange it for another.

"This mattress is endorsed by ... (fill in the blank with your favorite expert, celebrity, or organization)" and if it wasn't any good they wouldn't be endorsing it.

All of these and dozens more can only be countered with two things ... knowledge, and knowing who makes better mattresses and where to find them. In other words, connecting with the other two parts of The Mattress Underground who make "off brands" of much higher quality and value and those who sell them.

Consumers deserve better information, better service, and better value.

This section of our website (The Industry) is about the manufacturers and retailers who make and sell these mattresses and give you the consumer better information, better service, and better value. Knowing who they are and where to find them is just as important as knowing what should be inside your perfect mattress. As a consumer, you also have your very own "mattresses" section of this website which covers everything you may wish to know about choosing your mattress, in any level of depth you may wish to know it. It has "overviews" or buying guides about every area of mattress materials and construction, guidelines for field testing that can produce meaningful information no matter where you choose to buy a mattress, and more detailed pages for those who wish to take their research to greater levels.

Every consumer who looks for greater knowledge, service, and value is already part of The Mattress Underground. Connecting with the retailers and manufacturers who share these values can make your mattress search much simpler and more enjoyable and perhaps even more importantly, one of the most successful major purchases you have ever made.

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