Our values, ideals, and goals

The Mattress Underground was founded on 3 core values.

These are knowledge, service, and value. A knowledgeable consumer who buys a mattress from a retail outlet with exceptional service, produced by a manufacturer that makes a high-value mattress represents the most important reasons why The Mattress Underground exists.

We have 3 ideals, one for each part of the "resistance" against the mattress industry as it has "evolved" over the past decade or longer.

  1. Knowledgeable consumers should have access to a quality mattress, sold by a service driven retail outlet, and made by a manufacturer that understands and produces true value, at every budget range and in every area of North America.
  2. Retail outlets who are service driven, knowledgeable about their products, care about their customers, are open, honest, and ethical in their sales practices, and provide true value are the most deserving of our business.
  3. Manufacturers who produce the highest value, using the best quality materials and methods available in a price range, are transparent in the information they publish about them, who inform consumers and retailers rather than mislead or deceive them, and who offer their mattresses through a short supply chain at a fair profit are the most desirable brands.

The Mattress Underground also has 3 main goals.

  1. To give consumers a place where they can learn the truth about different mattresses, construction methods, and materials so they can be armed with helpful information in their search for their perfect mattress.
  2. To connect local and regional manufacturers and retailers with consumers in their area, region, and across the country so that consumers know where to go to buy their mattresses and benefit from the kind of value we talk about on this website.
  3. Our third goal is a larger one and that is to help change the direction of the industry so that false advertising, misleading information, poor mattress construction, and deceptive sales practices no longer dominate the industry and that the facts and the truth becomes the main source of consumer information.

While these values, ideals, and goals may seem obvious and self-evident, in practice they are not, as anyone who has purchased a mattress in the last few years will likely know. The industry as a whole has become dominated by misleading information and advertising, fake sales and gimmicks to create a false sense of urgency, lack of transparency, greed, deceptive sales practices, and poor customer service to the point where consumers are more confused than ever. In addition, it is common that seemingly independent websites or information sources often have hidden agendas and connections. It is not easy to know where to go to get accurate information about mattresses, which ones to buy, and where to buy them.

The Mattress Underground is a "resistance" movement against these trends and intends to "push back" against them. It has existed informally for many years as evidenced by manufacturers and retailers who still do business in the "old fashioned way" and have pushed back against these trends towards lower quality and higher prices in spite of many pressures to do otherwise. By bringing together and connecting educated consumers, service-oriented retail outlets, and manufacturers of "off brands" that are transparent and produce high quality and value, we believe that we can reverse the trends that have dominated this industry for many years. Unfortunately, there has been nowhere that these three parts of the industry could truly connect in a spirit of goodwill, education, value, and co-operative competition. Until now.

This site is filled with general and technical information, helpful ideas, and ways to connect with others who believe that these values, ideals, and goals should be the dominant force in an industry that sells products that directly affect 8 hours of every day and indirectly affect the rest as well. If you are one of these, either as a manufacturer, retailer, or consumer ... then


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