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Mattress Related Resources

The Mattress Underground (TMU) is focused on giving objective information about mattresses and componentry which can be applied to any type of mattress, allowing the consumer to make up their own mind about products that may or may not best suit their needs.

In addition to providing a Directory of Trusted and Transparent Mattress Manufacturers/Retailers, TMU is in the process of gathering a few resources that might be assistive to consumers on their mattress shopping journey. As we come across more useful resources, services, tools, and products that can enhance your sleep experience we’ll strive to list them in this article.

Below are some sleep-adjacent services, tools, and products which you may find of interest:

Mattress Related Services

LoadUp ~ Mattress Removal and Disposal
Their loaders are fully background-checked and insured. On their website, you can enter the type of item you wish to have picked up, and get an instant price quote. They remove mattresses and other unwanted ‘junk’ from your residence.
California Mattress Disposal Program (launched April 2021)

Mattress Certifications and Safety

Flammability Standards for Mattress Sets & Resources.


BMI Calculator for Adults, Children, and Teens
BMI Calculator for Women ~ tailored to women's needs and biology (Measures things that older tools miss out on).
NHI BMI Calculator (more general)

Sleep-Related Products

Pregnancy Pillow


The information presented throughout this site is a result of thousands of hours of research and is backed by scientific data and results obtained from industry material suppliers and producers. There is no bias presented, except for a bias toward quality componentry/manufacturers.

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