Talalay Latex
Talalay latex

Talalay latex rubber is a high-quality, resilient, and durable foam like material made from either natural latex rubber (NR), synthetic latex (SBR), or a blend of the two. Dunlop blends (NR/SBR) use various percentages of both natural and synthetic foams in their formulations.

Talalay process is a newer, more expensive and more sophisticated high-tech method of rubber fabrication method developed during WWII. This process creates vacuum in a mold in which the latex is poured causing the latex to expand. The expanded latex is subsequently frozen, preventing the particles from settling before being heated and cured, resulting in a lower density rubber. Despite using less latex in the mold core, it has a stronger, thicker cell structure, making up for the lower amount of latex in the material in terms of durability.

The process allows for more consistent control over and a wider range of firmness. Only a few manufacturers worldwide use the Talalay process. (Radium & Latex International who changed its name in 2015 to Talalay Global)

Talalay latex, considered the most temperature-neutral of all the foam materials, is desirable as a comfort layer for pressure relief, and often paired with its dense, more supportive counterpart Dunlop.

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