I can't say enough how awesome SleepEZ is. They always put the customer first. There are many ways they helped me and even when I experienced a shipping error, SleepEZ went out of their way to rush me a new product. I have a mattress and a shredded pillow from them, which I love. They have earned me as a customer for life. (This is coming from a customer that had awful experiences with other mattresses and companies)
SleepEZ is awesome because the always put the customer first, and it shows. I have one of their mattresses, which I love. But before I bought my mattress from them, I purchased a queen size shredded pillow from them two years ago. I received an email that it had shipped. and I signed up for notification from UPS. The long and short is that my pillow was delivered to a vacant home several miles from me. And when I figured this out working with SleepEZ and UPS, or Fedex, SleepEZ went out of their way to rush me a new pillow. But we figured out the problem. They had a similar address to mine in their system and when they entered my address it was auto updating to the new address. I found this out when they sent me a message telling me my package was being prepared and was awaiting pickup. But as soon as i looked at the address it was going to I called them back. They immediately knew and fixed the problem. Needless to say, they earned me as a customer for life. SleepEZ is always there when you need them and they stand behind their mattresses. I hope you enjoy your mattress as much as I love mine.
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