Finding a great mattress outlet

Choosing a Retailer Willing to Disclose Necessary Information that Allow for Meaningful Mattress Comparisons

A mattress is arguably the most important piece of furniture that we own and the time we spend sleeping on it can have a bigger effect on our overall health and well being than almost any other major furniture or household purchase. In spite of this though ... buying a new mattress can also be one of the most confusing, time-consuming, and frustrating experiences because there is so little factual information about what really makes one mattress better than another and there are so few people with the knowledge, experience, and integrity to provide meaningful information to consumers.

The only way to truly know the quality of any mattress is to know the construction, materials and components, that are inside it ... and shopping or testing mattresses at outlets that either can't or won't provide this information or shopping by brand, advertising claims, subjective ideas of comfort, reviews of a mattress, or the length of a warranty can lead to purchasing a poor quality, less suitable, or poor value mattress or lead to some very expensive mistakes in terms of cost, sleep quality, and durability. It can also lead to many hours of lost time and effort and a great deal of frustration when you spend time trying various mattresses and find one that you like only to discover that there is no way to find out its real quality, how long it may last, or be able to make meaningful comparisons with other mattresses.

Because of this ... one of the most important things a consumer can do when they are mattress shopping is to first do some preliminary research into any manufacturer or retailer you are considering visiting before you take the time to visit them. What you are looking to find out is their ability and willingness to disclose the materials in their mattresses and their knowledge, experience, and ability to give you the guidance that is necessary to help you make meaningful comparisons and your best possible choices.

Knowledge you need to make meaningful mattress comparisons. 

Finding the best retailer or manufacturer in your area.

For all these reasons and many more ... alternative or local independent mattress manufacturers who sell factory direct or through smaller sleep shops with knowledgeable staff are the best source of quality and value in a mattress. If you don't know of any in your area, then a question on the forum with your zip or city can help identify some possibilities for you.

Finding the "better" retailers or manufacturers in your area as a first step can be just as important as trying to find your best mattress without having the real knowledge to do so. A knowledgeable manufacturer or retailer that carries mattresses that have fair value, that you can trust to give you accurate and meaningful information, and are focused more on educating their customers than they are on "selling" their customers, can turn mattress shopping from a difficult and frustrating experience filled with roadblocks and uncertainty into one that is actually enjoyable and save you many hours of research and frustration. It can also lead to finding your "perfect" mattress and many years of restful and healthy sleeping at prices that are better every day than the best sale prices of the larger outlets.

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